Jason Wong
Product Designer

Treasury Wine Estates

Re-envisioning a wine experience for you, by you.


Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is a multi-billion dollar global leader in the wine market. 

They brought me onto the team as the user experience designer for North America to lead and solve problems they were facing in their eCommerce platforms. In this role, I collaborated with Direct-To-Consumer, Design, Product, Engineering, Marketing, and Brand teams in California as well as Australia. 


Each wine brand in TWE's portfolio has individual eCommerce sites. However, there had been customer complaints expressing they'd rather drive to the winery or call to book their visit due to the lack of personalization and usability of their current sites; ultimately impacting their eCommerce sales and customer retention

In addition, their internal customer platform lacked a key component for Wine Club members to customize and manage their upcoming shipments and account. 

Success for my team and I would be to increase eCommerce revenue (wine/winery visit bookings), customer engagement, and bridging the gap that they lacked. 

Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates

What we learned

We had a large influx of insights, which I synthesized into trends to develop into users flows. 

Booking a visit and seeing upcoming events

  • Many times customers will scroll through the website, getting frustrated and call customer support due to the lack of clarity
  • Highlighting individual interest and customizing the wine visit is an important aspect in the user journey

Being able to customize wine shipments/subscriptions 

  • The most important function along with customizing accounts 

With the diverse demographic of each TWE brand, I established/updated user personas. I then presented user findings as well as personas to stakeholders of cross-functional teams for whiteboarding sessions.

Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates

Whiteboarding Session

I presented and conducted whiteboarding sessions with stakeholders to establish different functionalities of the MVP.  It helped align everyone cross-functionally, and to collaboratively establish user flows. 

A few key flows we established:


Pick Your Journey - Allow users to make more informed decisions as they plan their wine visit

Wine Club

Add/Swap - Users can add in and swap out different wines to customize their shipment with the latest offerings or old favorites

Design System

With requirements and user flows, I created a design system that would be duplicated and customized towards each brand through collaboration with marketing and brand teams. 

I designed a flexible system that would encompass all elements used on TWE pages. 

Design System for Etude (1-3) and Stags Leap component page (4 )

Design System for Etude (1-3) and Stags Leap component page (4 )


Midway through our high-fidelity process, I learned that we would be combining pages and relocating specific pages to different vendors for the Wine Club and My Account platform. The general managing of My Account would go to one vendor, and the Wine Club would go to another. 

Maintaining a consistent look and establishing how both (now) separate user flows can co-exist and flow were my main objectives to weather the situation. I Implemented the same design system as well as conducted meetings to align both teams on how each other worked. 

Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates

Full-Screen Prototypes:

Pick Your Journey

Wine Club Add/Swap


Validating Design Decisions

I conducted user-testing with the goals to gather insight on Pick Your Journey as well as the Wine Club dashboard. I measured the user testing feedback through qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Treasury Wine Estates
Treasury Wine Estates
The high-fidelity mockups below are scrollable - give them a try!

The high-fidelity mockups below are scrollable - give them a try!

Treasury Wine Estates
User Research-Based Screens
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